About Ms. Smith

As you might have noticed on my banner I'm not yet a certified teacher with a classroom of my own.  I will graduate in the spring of 2014 with a Bachelors in Secondary Math Education and my teaching certification for my state of residency.

Although I don't have students of my own to teach I have so many fun ideas and resources bouncing around in my head I had to start a blog to share. As part of my college program I am with students twice a week (sometimes more) so many of my ideas (or ideas I've found on Pinterest) I have tired out with small groups of students.  As I continue to spend more time with students I will continue to expand my posts and resources.

Right now I make almost all of my own worksheets and activities to cater to the unique students that I work with.  As of now I will offering PDF versions of all my worksheets and activities at no cost.  Someday, after more test runs in the classrooms and feedback from other teachers, I hope to offer my resources for a small fee.  Until then, enjoy what I have to offer for free!

If you have any questions about my current teaching situation or would like to know more about me or my work please don't hesitate to contact me.  Feel free to leave a comment before or email me at balloonkiller26@gmail.com.

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